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Industrial Surge Protection for Sites and Facilities


What is Surge?

Surge is a transient overvoltage, the spike shown in the above diagram for a short duration is the transient over voltage, where transient is defined as having a brief time, such as a millisecond or microsecond. Overvoltage is defined as a voltage that is higher than the nominal voltage. We must safeguard our devices against this surge.

It is one of the most common causes of damage in electrical plant engineering. 

They primarily occur due to lightning strikes or switching operations, but also due to the following causes:

l  Electrostatic discharge

l  Brush fire of large electric machines

l  Fluctuations in the power supply

l  Ground faults / short circuits

l  Triggering fuses

l  Parallel installation of energy and information technology control systems

No matter what scale of business you’re running right now, investing in a surge protection device is vital, which plays an important role in the industrial field and certain specifications can help ensure that your company runs safely and without incident.

What is Industrial Surge Protection?

A surge protection device (SPD), previously known as a transient voltage surge suppressor (TVSS) is designed to protect electrical systems and equipment from surge events by limiting transient voltages and diverting surge currents.

Industrial SPD, literally speaking, is specially designed to protect machinery in the industrial field. These devices can safeguard machinery and systems in factories and other industrial settings, including telecommunications, control systems, and safety interlock circuits.

Industrial surge protection devices are typically fitted in a panel on a DIN rail mount.

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