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Q: How Long Do Circuit Breakers Last?

A: According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), the lifespan of electrical breakers is typically between 30-40 years. Electricity issues such poor power ratings or fluctuating voltages are all factors that will affect how long your circuit breaker lasts.

Q: Do you have a price list? I need your price list of all your products.

A: We do not have a price list for all our products. Because there are too many items to cover all prices on one list. And prices are always changing since the producing cost changes. If you want to check any price of our product, please contact us freely. We’ll offer you soon!

Q: The item I’m searching is not on your catalog, is there any solution?

A: We deal with over 50 items, our catalog doesn’t cover all products. And we are developing 100+ molds yearly, which means around 10 new products are created in our factory. So don’t go away, just send us your photo with detail specification, we’ll check for you.

Q: How do I request a quote from CJ?

A: Please contact us directly (info@eigenengineering.com) In your e-mail, please include the item part number, estimated quantity ordered and date of need, as well as any other information that will help us to properly process your request. Include all pertinent information about your needs, such as PDF files, CAD models, specifications, and the availability of tooling that is transferable to us. It may take as little as one day or as long as several weeks to provide you with a quote.

Q: What is the minimum order quantity you can sell?

A: CJ Technology doesn't have a minimum order quantity. We accept orders as small as 1 piece to as many as 500,000 pieces. Pricing is based in part based on the manufacturing lot size for an order. We do accept multiple ship dates against an order.

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